Golf Cart Buying Guide for Lake Havasu

People who buy a golf cart aren’t always just looking for a way around the links when golfing. This is especially true in Lake Havasu City. In some of Havasu’s private and open communities, golf carts are the go-to preference for local around-town transportation. Golf cart drivers can use dedicated golf cart paths and lanes. Street-legal golf carts share the road withs regular traffic and average 25 MPH. USA RV & Marine started selling a brand new, American-made line of golf carts in 2019 called Tracker Off Road. They are build to last. They come in gas or electric engines.

If you are thinking of buying a golf cart, here are some considerations:

How does a golf cart work?

Golf carts run on small engines that power the vehicles up to 25 miles per hour. Running on gasoline or electricity, they are a zippy and environmentally friendly way to get around—much easier to maneuver than a car. As a safety measure, most have a regenerative braking system that uses the engine to moderate speed. A souped up golf cart is a dangerous one.

Choosing a golf cart engine

When you want to buy a golf cart, the first thing to consider is the type of engine best serves your needs. You have three choices:

  1. Gasoline powered golf carts run on traditional combustion engines. This option is declining in popularity due to the noise and fumes these vehicles emit. That said, they are still popular because they can achieve faster speeds, making them street legal.
  2. Electric golf carts powered by a large battery. These quiet golf carts emit no fumes, but can take over eight hours to recharge. If you are not careful, you could end up stranded. Buying a golf cart with an electric engine will cost less and cut your maintenance costs.
  3. Golf cart that runs on solar energy. These are battery-powered vehicles that are charged by solar energy from rooftop panels while you golf or shop. You don’t have to buy gas or pay a higher electric bill. Because they power up on any sunny day, the risk that your batteries will run down is lower.

Which option is better when choosing what kind of golf car to buy depends on how you plan to use your golf cart. If you don’t need street legal, an electric model is fine. After that it is a matter of your personal taste.

Choosing among Brands of Golf Carts

The three brands dominate the market have been making golf carts since the 1950s and 1960s:

  1. Club Car
  2. EZ-GO
  3. Yamaha

But now Tracker is offering a competitive Golf Cart in a variety of options including gas and electric, 2, 4, and 6 seaters.

Buying a golf cart from one of these manufacturers reduces the cost of ownership due to plentiful spare parts and the availability of many trained technicians. Other brands in the market include Par Car, Cushman, Taylor Dunn, and even Harley-Davidson.

The other consideration on golf cart buying choices is opting for used over new. You can save money if you make a wise choice on used vehicles. Like buying a car, buying a golf cart used means doing your homework on breakdown history, maintenance records, and expected lifespan of the brand.

Study the Warranty before You Buy a Golf Cart

Do your research and understand the expected lifespan of various makes and models. You can find data such as the number of golf carts still running out of every hundred sold. Pay particular attention to breakdown histories. What parts and systems tend to wear out the fastest by brand? Is there a pattern? What is the market value for used golf carts?

When you go to buy a golf cart, this information can help you make an informed choice. Manufacturers know their breakdown histories when they write warranties, so it makes sense that you are similarly informed when you read them. These documents can protect your investment and reduce your out of pocket costs. Look at what is covered under the warranty. Is a frequently cited problem exempted? Being forewarned is being forearmed. Different brands offer different terms, so it can be useful to compare them side by side to see how companies address similar situations.

Golf carts are a fun, affordable, environmentally fun way of getting around. If you are in the market and thinking of buying a golf cart, you have plenty of aspects to consider.