How to Choose the Right Boat for Lake Havasu

Choosing the right boat for Lake Havasu will largely depend on the activities you plan to pursue on the lake. Different boats are ideal for common pastimes as water skiing, fishing, racing, and cruising. If your interests cover all of those areas, you can find boats that work for more than one activity. And when it comes to choosing the right boar for Lake Havasu, why choose just one?

The price of the boat matters, but it isn’t the only financial consideration. Where you plan on keeping the boat is going to affect cost. You will want to research the cost of keeping the boat at a dock in the water or in storage in a berth on land. These can be outside and in protected sheds. You may alternative invest in a trailer and bring the boat to the lake when you want to use it. All of these options have trade-offs in terms of costs and usage.

The next financial consideration is operation and maintenance. The cost of fuel is a factor, even with a sailboat. Then there is the cost of keeping the boat in good operating condition. Taking care of the engine, onboard systems, and the deck and hull itself can be considerable.

Last is the is the expense of outfitting your boat for recreation and safety. In a casual walk through a boat store you can quickly add up costs the costs for everything from life preservers and fire extinguishers to drink cozies and deck cushions.

Figure out your priorities and budget out your investment and costs over the course of a year or two to estimate the total cost of ownership. When negotiating to buy a boat, you will have a stronger position when you know what you want and what things costs.

Once you have your priorities in order, you are ready to start shopping. When choosing the right boat for Lake Havasu, you have quite a few new and used options. Here are some of the more popular Lake Havasu boat choices:

Ski and Wakeboard Boats

Ski and wakeboarding boats have powerful engines so you can go fast enough to tow a skier or wakeboarder. These boats are popular Lake Havasu choices because they also work for exploring up and down the lake and are a good platform for fishing. You often see these boats rafted together or beached for a day of fun.

Pontoon Boats

Pontoon boats are not fast, but they are stable due to their hull shapes. Two parallel pontoons provide a platform for your passenger and plenty of space for a crowd. These boats don’t draw much, so they can poke around shallow inlets—but do be careful of your motor’s propeller. Five to ten people can comfortably enjoy a relaxed cruise around the lake. And you can drop a line and bobber in for some fishing, too.

Fishing Boats

These boats are kitted out to be perfect platforms for the serious fisherman. They are to go fast enough to get to your favorite fishing hole without taking all day, but can also handle slow trolling speed. You can outfit these vessels with a fish radar, rod holsters and special seating, too. Bass boats are a specialized fishing boat common on Lake Havasu.

Bowriders and Deck Boats

Bow riders and their wider deck boat cousins have a v-shaped hull to cut through the chop to smoothly and efficiently cruise the late at speed. It has an open cockpit and bow to accommodate your party with plenty of space. It is a truly versatile boat choice for Lake Havasu, supporting fishing, water skiing/wakeboarding, and swimming off the back.

High Performance/Racing Boats

They can hear you coming when the powerful engines roar as you reach amazing speeds and cut effortless quick turns. These boats with people with a competitive streak and a desire for the adrenalin rush that comes from speed and power.

Cabin Cruisers

These boats range from 25 to 45 feet in size and are set up for extended overnight journeys. With a galley kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping facilities on board, you can practically live on them. Not as fast and maneuverable as other boats you could choose, they do offer all the comforts of home on the water.

Personal Watercraft (PWC)

These fast, sporty boats sit one, two, three people at most on a motorcycle-like seat. They are fun and fast, and can get into shallow tight spaces. You are out in the elements and fishing from them would be a challenge, but you can race and join the parties, beaching or rafting up with friends.

When it comes to how to choose the right boat for Lake Havasu, you have plenty of options. When you have narrowed your choices, you might consider renting each type to see how it fits with your needs. Then it is only a matter of making the final choice that works best for you.